Chairman Message

Real estate is one of the most important and promising sectors for investment in Yemen. This field is continuously growing and expanding especially in the main cities due to a number of factors, including: increased population density, high growth rates, expansion of the limited income class, intensity of migration from the rural areas to the main cities.

All these vital factors have contributed to the creation of a broad and renewed demand for real estate and enhanced the significance of field for many considerations, such as its contribution to resolving the accommodation problem of a wide category of citizens and its capacity to provide a large number of job opportunities. In addition, its role in organizing and regulating present real estate market through specialized companies to secure resolution of current problems and complications for investors and general population.

Consequently, establishing Tadhamon Real Estate Company Limited came into being as an investment tool for Tadhamon Islamic Bank within its framework of commitment to national comprehensive development, through participation in the investment movement in Yemen and providing job opportunities. Furthmore, building of housing communities with all the infrastructure services outside the main cities at suitable economic prices for those of limited means, which will help resolve the housing dilemma and congestion of main cities.

At the time of establishing the company, a great concern was given to ensure that the company would be a nominal addition to the real estate investment field through the reliance upon unique expertise and qualified cadre capable of employing modern technologies in this field.